I purchased Theme support but can't get it ..

I have theme that I have not been able to get to work properly (non-profit) and my support expired so I just bought a support extension. I am not able to get support though. I am sent to spyropress who wants me to join first and doesn’t let me, won’t send me a password, etc. Seems rather complex between themeforest, spyrogate, envato, etc. Would be nice to just be able to talk to someone on the questions I have … that is what support is, right?

But if I can’t get support I guess I need to ask for a refund on what i just spent. I know everyones working hard with the pandemic but would really like to get some questions answered and get my theme working correctly. Help.

who wants me to join first and doesn’t let me

What do you mean by that?
I see that this author is using their own support forum, are you not able to register there?

The “thank you for your order” email gives me a link for support (what I bought) that takes me directly to a discussion board on on spyropress or something like that

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Try to get in touch with the author via comments section on the item page or via contact form on his profile page.

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who is the author if it isn’t themeforest? this is frustrating …

ThemeForest is just a marketplace. Items are made by thousands of authors. Just click the link I’ve shared and you will see a contact form there which you can use to contact the author.

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I clicked your ‘visit topic’ link and I don’t see anything related to the author of this theme. I go back to my original ‘thank you for your purchase’ and it gives me a link to go to for support …


in that link I am told that Spyropress supports my theme. But they won’t let me get a useable logon to their site so I can converse with anyone. It does say the following …

Purchase codes

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item.

  • (code removed) - 30 Jan 2018 REGULAR LICENSE
    Would really like to resolve this, or at least get my support dollars refunded and I will go buy another theme elsewhere with it … very frustrating.

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You shouldn’t need any sort of “useable login” to access their forums. Is it not letting you sign in with your Envato account?

Go to the SpyroPress forums (http://www.spyropress.com/forums/?envato_item_id=20176820) and at the top right of the page, click “sign in”, and look for that big green “Login with Envato” button.


first thing I tried (since it is the first button) and all I get is

{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"Wrong RedirectUri provided"}

Just get in touch with them via contact form on their profile:

when I go to spyropress, and use the 'log on as envato" button, I get “{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Wrong RedirectUri provided”}”

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Try to contact the author via item comments page. If you can tell us the name of the theme, we can share the direct URL to that page.

CharityPlus is the theme

You can try to reach him via comments, don’t need any code to use this forum (but make sure you are logged with the account with which you’ve purchased this theme):

I sent in a refund request on the support just ordered late last month since I am not receiving any. System says they give him 5 days to respond. Either way I guess I get an answer.