Item support option bug



2 TF support!
I have my item approved today, but for some reasons it is stated that I do not support it though I do, please check this screenshot Please fix this bug shortly.


Yes another thread is opened here ;

Wouldn’t imagine how angry I would be if my item was approved today with this bug… I understand you :neutral_face:


Are you guys able to login on themeforest?


Double post. I already started this topic Item tab displays no support and double VAT

@crelegant This is a complete different question. Please create a new topic for your problem


Triple post I should say, because I already started before you two :yum:


Anyways, we got an official reply that Envato team is checking the issue.


@crelegant Sorry I didn’t saw your post. It is so confusing this forum right now :slight_smile:


Ha ha. Yes, it is.


Hi folks,

We’ve seen the bug and have put a fix in place, apologies. This should be deployed and visible in the next half hour.


Hi folks,

The update has been deployed, if this is still an issue please let us know.


Now I do not see any issue.