Themeforest Refund


i dont understand why envato insert this possibility to refund, now it s a lot guy to want the refund after buy, with wrong escuse, and if you dont give refund the guy give i rating and this compromise you product quality

i think this policy about refund it s totaly bad, and i hope this will change.

why envato dont put one list where the memeber sign the wrong client?

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They’ve given the option in case the buyer has a valid reason to request a refund. Just as an example… they buy an HTML version, but wanted a Wordpress version… they then contact you to tell you, and you both agree that once he has purchased the Wordpress version, then you will provide a refund for the HTML version. Happy days… everyone’s a winner.

In some cases, they might not have a valid reason to request a refund, so at that point it’s up to you whether you provide one or not. I appreciate that nobody wants a one star review, but it’s probably best not to be ‘held hostage’ over a negative review… you might set a precedent, and if the word gets out that you’ll issue refunds readily, then it could cause you problems down the line. I guess one has to take into account how many good reviews they already have, how a one star review will affect that, and whether it’s worth taking the hit.

What was the excuse the buyer gave, just out of interest?

The guy write this

Hi - I thought this was a WordPress theme and accidentally downloaded this. Can I please have a refund?

and we write this

I’m sorry but it s written every where “HTML THEME” also in the logo 80x80 so we in this case don kive a refund

and the guy write give at the theme at this theme

1 stars and write HORRIBLE customer support regarding purchases and refunds.

So the problem is in this mode a lot person try to take free theme and invent a lot excuse, it s not a first type append this every small problem want refund or start to write bad comment i think this it s not good mode for management this situation
Thanks for your answer

Would it be worth removing the word ‘theme’ in the title… just to help minimise any confusion? And it seems like you’re missing a trick not having a WP version… is that something you’re looking into?

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not everybody who have html version have also wp version if you go in category html it s because it s template html not wp, and the same i write before also in the logo write HTML, i think the best solution need to do envato is :
if you buy the theme and the theme you buy need to be connected with envato with particolar code and in 2/3 day you decide if take or not, if you want the refund and it s accepted, the theme it s not possibility to use.
But in this mode for everybody write sorry i think it s wp theme you need to do the refund and this guy have free theme it s not good for the people who spend the time for do the template.

it s also preview and if you try you see the template dont have the same functionality the wp theme so…

hi, for myself if i think the reason of the refund is legit i will offer a refund in othercase whatever the star they will give to my items i will not give refund if i think the reason is not legit. Most of people do not even look at rating anyway i see many items that got many sales day after day even with tons of very bad review.

First, change the title from theme to template and from the live demo, too.
Probably the reviewers missed it but you shouldn’t be using “theme” for the HTML templates.

Secondly, contact Envato support, get a screenshot of the refund request and request to remove the comments from the user.