!!!Themeforest is not working properly!!! resulting in 429 error -To ENVATO TEAM

Themeforest is not working properly!!!
Once i log on to TF, then I choose video hive, and then go back to Themeforest it starts auto-refreshing over and over again resulting in 429 too many requests error.

I saw 0 sales for over 5days whats rarely happens. Went to check what`s happening and found out this error. Does anybody else see that too?

Chome browser:
Step 1. Login > Step 2 go anywhere in your account, dashboard, portfolio, etc > Step 3 click on Themeforest in the main menu (gets autorefresh untill 429err)

all is fine from my side. Please clear browser cache and cookies and try again.

It helped now TF works just fine, BUT:) When i click on codecanoyn it starts autorefresh :slight_smile:

may be both clear cache and cookies can fix it. or have to clear cache for each market individually. your browser is doing problem. Also update browser to latest version.

If you receive a 429 error, it means that you’ve made too many requests to a specific Envato page in too short of a time. This can happen if you refresh too many times, or if there’s an app/plugin/other tool making requests to Envato from your computer. The limits are generally pretty high and you shouldn’t run into this.

Assuming whatever was making the excessive requests has stopped, waiting a little bit will cause the error to clear.

It feels like that it is somehow connected with autologin while going from one platform to another. I have cleared browser cash and cookies. This helped for TF, VH but now I see the same thing on codecanyon.
If i log on to TF and then go to CC it looks like as if it tries to re-login, the page refreshes automatically until 429.
Yet i do not care to much of CC as i never use it.

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SSO/auto-signin seems buggy lately. It’s not even working for me at all. I’m forced to sign in to each website individually, as well as the forums and API, which is particularly annoying with 2FA.

The background request to https://account.envato.com/api/auto_sign_in returns “unauthenticated” every time despite being signed into account.envato.com.

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My sales are 0 for 8 days in a row. I do not remember when last time i had such a long pause. So i do suspect that issue with 429 is definitely affecting other users-buyers. I do remember due to constant auto refresh it was unavailable to make a search too.

Thanks for that information!

@baileyherbert that’s very interesting. I’m unable to duplicate the issue you describe there, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. I’ve escalated to the responsible team internally and we’ll see what’s going on.

@Bokstas I can understand your concern, but please be assured we have a whole lot of automated and manual monitoring happening throughout all of our sites, and we are not seeing a significant change in the average number of sales across items and marketplaces. That doesn’t mean that there’s not something happening, but it does mean that there are no widespread issues keeping people from logging in or buying.

We will investigate this issue and will continue to monitor!

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Same error in another topic: Impossible to update theme and plugin - Impossible to connect to Envato API - #2 by hevada

I sent video of my screen to support to Will Bishop yet he told me that he can’t open it. Shall i re render and send it to you?

@Bokstas I found your support ticket, let me watch the video to understand what’s happening.

Ah ok i was just about to resend him rerendered video.

I believe this might be related too so I am posting here.

Did you guys recently made any changes related to authentication and session handling? Logging out of Envato account does not log you out from api.envato.com causing issues if you use something like using the Envato API to login users. And there’s no other way to logout from api.envato.com endpoints either.

Having the Same problem with elements today!

Got this today. Elements Earning report stays the same as yesterday. TF no sales for 9day in a row!

Same with youWhatsApp Image 2021-04-02 at 12.47.59

Hi @yusmail @Bokstas Get in touch with Envato Elements Help Center lets tagging envato team/staff @BenLeong @rosssimpson hope they will reply to you here as soon as possible.

Hey all

Thanks for your concerns.

Note - we will always have a 24-hour on-call team who monitor all platforms so any issues are caught and responded to in real-time.

The Elements issue has now been resolved Envato Status - Elements is experiencing an outage