Is anyone having the same issues

So anyway I have never had any issues with any of the themes here and I had purchased Pro Business theme a while ago because we just thought it would be a good fit for anything. So we wanted to install it with wordpress and every time we do this it blows up the whole wordpress site

Is anyone having the same issues and does anyone have a fix. I have tried to contact the owner of the theme and they must be confused because they don’t seem to understand what the issue really is and install things we don’t need. ,

Hi @honorrecords,

It’s difficult to tell what the issue might be without having access to website and knowing more details about what exactly is happening. Usualy it’s down to server misconfiguration which authors can’t prevent, but can provide some guidance on what needs to be changed.

You can try to describe the problem a little bit more to the author or consider hiring a professional from Envato Studio.


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Hey thanks for the comment and I do agree with you on most of this.

However I don’t think it has anything to do with our server at all, I have installed in the past as well. before their last updated with no issues. but again you have a lot of truth.

I see. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do, other than encourage you to contact the author again.

If further contact attempts will not resolve theme issues and you are absolutely sure that there’s nothing wrong on your side, you can check out refund policy and process:


In case of interest: