Interico theme HUGE problem

HUGE, HUGE problem here.
I’ve purchased and used the Interico theme for years.
With the last WP update it stops working, and even if I switch to another WP version, it always shows an infinite loop, and the website is not working.
I asked to my hosting service to check and they say the problem is in the theme, attaching the error strings in their report.

Now, 2 weeks ago i contacted the creator but i never had a reply.
I tried to write in the comments on their theme page, but no reply; also, a lot of people in the comments are having problem with the theme and nobody replies.

My client wants to sue me because the website doesn’t work, and since i am not a developer, i cannot fix it.
Is there a way to know from Envato if the author is still in business or is willing to help?

Given the last update was a while back and only to 5.6 and the lack of responses to item comments that does not look promising.

Envato won’t be able to tell you much as the author is independent and can stop/start/upload/remove files as they wish.

You could try hiring a freelancer to help fix it but it’s impossible to know how complicated or costly that might be without seeing the site, errors etc. esp. if this theme has been used for a long time.

Do you not have a scope of work with the client?

Unless there’s paperwork to say that you are legally responsible for maintaining and managing the site then I’m not sure they can do much.

It does seem risky to be doing client work related to a skill set you can’t provide yourself or at least have access to the resources to manage.

Assuming that you have back ups then you could reinstate a version with older WordPress and where it all works.

Again, from a client perspective that process is quite irresponsible as it means that there are potential security risks etc.

Thank you for replying, but you are missing the point.
My developer died because of Covid this year and I can’t find another one as good as him, my question is if I can contact the author of the theme via Envato, because I’ve already tried with the form on their page and the discussion on the theme page, but they never replied, is there a way to know if they are still in business?