Theme not auto updating

Hey guys,

I have problems updating a theme. After speakting to the theme support they directed me towards you. I hope you can help me fix the problem with the auto update.

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Message from Kriesi Support:

Hi Thorsten,

I would simply write that you are getting this error message:

Error code 403 returned by Envato: Forbidden:
– code: not_authenticated

And that you have followed our documentation:, but it’s still not working. You can also say that we haven’t had any other customers/users with this problem before you, so we don’t know how to help you out.

Best regards,

End support message

Hi @hyperbrand,

Can you confirm whether you’re using a legacy API key or a personal token? Personal tokens are created at Legacy API keys were created in your Market user account (in ThemeForest or CodeCanyon), but this week we finally shut that legacy API down.

I’d suggest creating a new personal token, as described in the link you sent from Kriesi, and ensure it has only the permissions they suggest. Please also make sure that you create the personal token using the same Envato account that you used to purchase the item.

Hi Ross,

we already created a new personal token following the Kriesi tutorial but nothing has changed.

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Okay, we’ll need to look into this further. Could you please open a help ticket at Please include the link to this forum thread in your request and mention the fact that you’ve already discussed with the author and they’ve sent you to us. That will help it get routed to the correct team and we’ll investigate what’s happening.


Allright, did it. Thx for your help.