Impossible to update theme and plugin - Impossible to connect to Envato API


Since this morning, Thursday, April 1st 2021, it is impossible to connect via the Envato API, Version 2.0.6, to the list of software purchased and updated plugins and themes.

I have checked for the 5 sites that I manage the Personal Token API.

I have this error code which appears on all the sites:
The OAuth Personal Token could not be verified. Please check that the Token has been entered correctly and has the minimum required permissions.

Additional Error Details:
Failed to query total number of items in API response.
Too Many Requests
{“request_url”: “https: \ / \ / \ / v1 \ / market \ /total-items.json”, “response_code”: 429, “response_cf_ray”: “638f0bb01e721f11-ENG”, "response_server “:” cloudflare "}

Thank you for responding to me urgently to be able to carry out the updates to which I have subscribed and for which I pay the license to benefit from the updates!

Best Regards


Hello, Eric! ( @eduboisIeC )

Please allow to tag here Ross, @rosssimpson, a similar issue was spotted and described in this topic: !!!Themeforest is not working properly!!! resulting in 429 error -To ENVATO TEAM Maybe it helps considering these two topics at the same time for debugging.

Thanks for the tag @hevada!


The 429 error code means the system receiving it made too many requests to the API in too short of a time, triggering our rate limiting rules. This is sometimes due to faulty update/validation code, sometimes due to other users on a shared hosting system hitting the same API, and sometimes there are other causes.

The documentation for our API rate limiting system can be found here:

Looking at our monitoring tools, I don’t see anything specifically out of the ordinary in our rate limiting events. I will look into the logs for that particular request and see if there are any patterns that could suggest what the problem is.

Question for you, are all 5 sites you mention running on the same system? Specifically, do they share the same outbound IP address?

Thank you for your support and answer. Best, Eric

Hello, all 5 sites are hosting at the same provider. But they don’t share the same outbound IP address. Thank you for the API documentation link. Best, Eric