Theme updates for Element downloads

Hi All,

I have downloaded “Stack” Wordpress Theme but don’t get notifications of when there is a theme update available.

Is this normal for Element downloads? or am I missing something …



This is from the Element’s Help Center:


From time to time, authors will release updates to their items to ensure that they are working as described, protected against major security concerns, as well as provide discretionary version updates. A change log available on the item’s page will outline any updates that have been made by the author and the date they were released. To access these updates, simply download your item again to get the most up-to-date version.

So yes there can be updates, but there isn’t currently a tool in place to get notified other than checking the change log.


Thanks for quick reply.

I did see I could manually do it but was hoping for automation.

I appreciate your time.


No worries!

If it does launch, we’ll be sure to announce it :smiley:


Another quick question about updates as per the thread above.

By saying “To access these updates, simply download your item again”

Does that mean, go to “My Downloads” in Envato Elements?

If yes, that’s quite frustrating as it wants you to add a new license. This means over time I will have a top of licenses in there! Since I’m downloading it for the 5 sites I have running Stack … it’s going to get messy.

or am I missing something.

Thanks !

This is the primary reason I have not yet subscribed to elements

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Elements items do not offer support and updates in the same way that regular purchases do.

You also need to be actively subscribed to access new versions of an item regardless of if you previously downloaded an older version

Assuming the author does add up to date versions then you would need to download a new copy and replace it as you correctly explained above

Hello. Has this been addressed yet? Is there a way to get a notification of any updates? I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect us to keep coming back to check if there are new versions to download.

The theme download page does not indicate if a new version has been release. Right now, if we downloaded a theme from Elements, we have to go to Themeforest to check the log there, or am I missing something?

At any rate, automation is important for us to make sure theme fixes (especially security ones) are not missed.

Are we able to use the Envato Market plugin for items downloaded from Envato elements?

Unfortunately, it does not work the same way as ThemeForest - updates and support are not included with elements downloads so they cannot use the plugin or be found on marketplace download pages