WordPress Themes do not get updated in Elements


I have licensed and used this theme for a project:

I have checked in Themeforest and noticed the theme is up to date (3 December 20).

I downloaded the theme from Elements and noticed the theme zip file was last modified on 29/01/2020!

Why are you promising FREE updates in Envato Elements and the theme authors are not updating their files? A lot of projects are crashing after WordPress Engine updates, and we are paying Elements subscription in order to license items, but we are forced at the end of the day to purchase the same items from Themeforest in order to receive updates!

Support and Updates (Elements):
Documentation Included
Updates included
Personalized support not included

Updates are NOT included, so what you are promising is kind of deceiving.

Many thanks!


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Check this please:

I have explained why the update may not be included - we must manually update the item on Elements after we have updated on ThemeForest.

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Hi @NatasaCy

they have a really good support and I think it might be just the matter of asking the author to update the theme on Elements. They have lots of themes, so just contact them and just ask them to update the theme on Elements.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Total agree with you.
I created a similar topic before:

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