Outdated Themes on Envato Elements

I filed a complained to Envato Support and I have not received any good resolution. I downloaded a theme which was outdated since 2nd February 2021 but on Themeforest it has the latest update which is April 2022. I decided to check other items from the same author and I realised Author has only updated the license (GPL) without updating the theme itself and other plugins. This run through all the items i have checked from this author…License in .zip file are updated but the actual files are left untouched. I stand to be corrected. Is this a normal practice? Are Elements subscribers being force at the end to purchase the same item on themeforest for updates? All these items in question has updates included by author description but he refuses to update them. Can management look into this case asap.Attached are the screenshots of item description and the zip file.

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On ThemeForest and on Elements should be always the same (latest version) of the theme. But, when the update is live on ThemeForest, the author must “manually” update the theme on Elements (to synchronies item on Elements with the item from TF - in short, to update also item/theme on Elements).

Now, some authors are not doing this - maybe some of them does not know that they should do that. So, you have full right to ask for the latest version on Elements if you have active subscription there.

Not sure if author is aware… Wordpress Engine has new updates, and theme must be updated as well. I have personally written to author to update the theme but not sure if it will yield results. All themes from author has latest updates on themeforest but don’t know why he left elements themes outdated…this is a call for management to put authors on check.


Elements items do not offer support and updates in the same way that regular purchases do.

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The issue has not been addressed yet. Still waiting for a resolution even though i need this update for security reason. It seems all items from this author on Elements has the same issue.

I wrote to author through his profile page about the update and he did not respond. I sent him a personal email in a polite manner encouraging him to update and he did not respond either. Lastly i left a comment and it seems he has flagged my comments. Envato Support should attend to this issue because Author may be deliberate doing this.

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In an ideal world authors should try their best to respond to comments and/or concerns of purchasers. Not everyone will do this and I agree it is sad when they do not help as one might expect or hope for. I hope in your case that your concerns are addressed. Best wishes.

Thanks sir…I’m still standing by