How do Envato Elements updates work regarding client work?

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I’m new to Envato Elements and would like to use some WordPress themes and plugins on client sites. Perhaps this is a question that doesn’t have one clear-cut answer, but: how do I go about updating themes/plugins?

Is it just a re-download from Elements and a manual reinstall, or can they be updated within the WP backend by clients themselves? Or does that depend on the theme/plugin?

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You are not able to re-download or update from envato elements.
You can get this facilities only from Envato market(Themeforest).


A) you are still subscribed and

B) the author does update the theme on elements (it’s not yet an automatic process when they update on themeforest, if it’s also for sale there) and

C) the theme remains available on elements

then you could download a new copy from elements.

BUT, it’s not as fluid as full purchases and can’t use the plugin to automate it so they will only ever be available via your account.

As it will effectively be a new installation you are going to need to be clever with child themes etc if you don’t want to lose any customisation.

For client work purchasing full copies with support and proper updates is always the better and more responsible option

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks a lot for your quick and clear answer, I appreciate it.

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