Envato subscription & themes for clients


I am a web developer for various clients.
Can I buy the envato subscription and download and use the Wordpress Themes for my clients to use.

Example: I am making sport club websites and there is one wordpress theme I like a lot.
Can I download this license / theme multiple times (everytime I have a client) to get new licenses to use for each client but under the same subscription (mine) ?

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yes, you can. Just you have to register the download each time you will use for your clients. Please note that you will be able to download items/themes only from envato elements using your envato subscription. You are not allowed to download any item From Envato market like themeforest.



In addition to this there is no access to support guarantee of updates with themes from elements as there is from Themeforest, plus the project has to be finished while you are still subscribed.

For client work it makes much much more sense to have them buy a license for themselves from Themeforest. That way they have updates and support even if you part ways, the use of the license on their site is in their name, there is no time limit to have projects completed and edited in the future, and there’s a much wider choice of options.

It would be better if you purchase your required themes from ThemeForest then you will get the all updates of that theme also you will get the item support from that author. Thanks

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