Theme support no longer supporting the theme eventhough still 5 more months of theme support is left.

I purchased a theme called comre from themeforest on april 24th. And I ever since I installed it I have a ton of issues, the theme support at first supported the issues and promised to fix some of these. They made an update twice and still I have some of the issues I first reported. Each time the theme updates something in that theme goes berzerk, like a really well working system no longer works. I had to prove my issues by first sending screenshots and then I had to post videos inroder to just prove that I have these issue as theme support wouldn’t agree to the fact that issues exists. Now theme support staff is rude and say he will no longer work with us or support us. I have no other way to contact another tech support guy as the theme company (wowthemes) has no contact email or phone number at all. I have no clue what to do now. I won’t get the money that I paid in return and the project is incomplete. What should I do now ?


If the theme is broken or comes with errors you can simply ask for a refund.