Without Support from Autor

.someone can tell me what can i do for support? I buy this theme “Publisher - Newspaper Magazine AMP” the first week I log in in the forum of the autor, all great. The next week i find a problem on the theme, and when i go to the support forum, ERROR you don’t have a license. I still waiting for the autor to fix the problem, and i have close to nine months in waiting, and nothing yet, emails came and went on 6 months of paid support without have solutions… to this date my support time is over and asking myself: I’ll need pay again for six months more, when I did not receive my last 6 months already paid? :roll_eyes:

beforehand, thanks alot for your suggestions

Wow :slight_smile:

Read this:

Thanks for this information… The question is ¿Where i can ask, or introduce this petition of refund or new time of support? i search one and again and can’t find any place to do it…

Hi @VenEagle,

Please take a look at this article, you will find a “Click here to request a refund” button in there:

And here’s how to extend/renew item support:


You seem to have really, really lots of patience… Sure thing, you can try requesting for a refund, but I’m not sure if it works because the author most likely will claim you used his code for many months (and he will be right); therefore, you don’t have a right to refund. Just my opinion…

Thanks for your opinion, but all mesagges be in public forum everybody can see this. not is a secret or private emails… Nad the true i lovethe theme but just have a lot problems with support, a lot headpains for this reason, the true i don’t like refound i want my 6 months of support, almost one to resolve all the problems… That’s all