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Hello everyone!

In my new project I’ve decided to move from SMOF to Redux Framework. It’s been a pleasure to work with it so far until I got to a submission part. I never expected to have any Redux related issues mentioned by the reviewer but here they are. The issue is that while the WP_DEBUG mode is on, Redux automatically enables the Developer Mode and it’s impossible to disable that behavior without changing the framework’s core code which is of course a bad practice and I’d have to do so with every update over and over again. And the reviewer’s message was to remove all those “developer related” notifications and parts from the theme. How do you guys deal with this problem?

Another issue is that the reviewer mentions these Theme Check errors:

REQUIRED: framework/theme-panel/ReduxCore/inc/welcome/welcome.php. Themes should use add_theme_page() for adding admin pages.

While they are being covered by the plugin developers here:

This would again involve modifying the framework’s core code. I’m a bit lost here now.

And a bonus question - what kind of prefix do you guys use for functions, classes, hooks? In my previous theme using initials of my profile name (vntd_) was more than enough while now it was mentioned as an issue since it has to use a theme based name prefix. I decided to go with full “veented_theme_name_” prefix, I hope that’s enough? I’m getting a bit tired with those.

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I have had the same problem with my last WP theme. Reviewer came with up all these questions and several others. Finally when i got tired i moved the Redux framework out of my theme and included it as a prebundled plugin. Everything was fine after that and theme got approved.

Coming to your first question about the Redux messages in the dashboard because Redux activate the developer mode when used on localhost. Reviewers now arise this question for all of my theme’s when i update them. I simply leave them a message with my update that this occurs only on local host as Redux activates developer mode on local. They agree to it! So i suggest you can write this as well.

For the other question regarding the add_theme_page, this was not an issue when i bundled Redux as a plugin

For the prefix we use our username_themename and its good to go.

Hope this helps.
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Hi there!

Thank you for your reply. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one with this kind of issue!

If I move Redux to the plugin soon the theme itself will be left just with few files, ha. I’m not sure if that’s the best way to solve it as it’s rather hiding the problem instead of solving it. Anyway, as for now I’m going to leave them a notice that it only occurs on a local environment, not on the end server. However, I’ll still be left with the “add_theme_page” notice and I hope sending them once again a link to the Redux docs will make it go through. If not, I’ll indeed move it all to the theme’s core plugin.

Thanks for the information about the prefix, looks like I did it properly! :slight_smile:

Just one more question if you don’t mind: did you fix all “INFO” and “RECOMMENDED” issues within the Theme Check?

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The points we solved by putting Redux as a plugin was not our intention to hide the problems as there was no such problem. It’s just that the reviewers do not like them to be there. It you can go ahead without bundling it as plugin then that would be great!

We fixed all the errors in theme check but fixing the info and recommended issues altogether seems impossible but you can try your best to fix them all.



Yes that’s the right way i think as suggested. Thanks


Yes you right!


Hi Guys, i am developing a wordpress theme for my Approved HTML template:

Can you guys tell me if this design will approve on wordpress.

2nd question , I am not using optionTree, or Redux, i am building option panel in Wordpress Customizer which works fine and provides all possibilities to build option panel…

please let me know if i am moving to right directions i dont have time to get a theme hard rejected. thanks…


If theme is submitted with Redux Framework warnings, it get a hard reject or soft reject?

Sorry my terrible english.


It will get a soft reject.


Soft reject


just make sure you have done all themecheck errors


Some line of code, relax :slight_smile:

if ( ! function_exists( ‘redux_disable_dev_mode_plugin’ ) ) {
function redux_disable_dev_mode_plugin( $redux ) {
if ( $redux->args[‘opt_name’] != ‘redux_demo’ ) {
$redux->args[‘dev_mode’] = false;
$redux->args[‘forced_dev_mode_off’] = false;
add_action( ‘redux/construct’, ‘redux_disable_dev_mode_plugin’ );