Redux framework is soft rejected factor. Please advice

I’m trying release new item, but Reviewer till reject it cause Redux Framework issue:

REQUIRED: framework.php. Themes should use add_theme_page() for adding admin pages.

Line 1426: $this->page = call_user_func( ‘add_menu_page’, $this->args[‘page_title’], $this->args[‘menu_title’], $this

REQUIRED: framework.php. Themes should use add_theme_page() for adding admin pages.

Line 1349: // wrappers and need to be appened to using add_submenu_page.

Line 1400: $this->page = call_user_func( ‘add_submenu_page’, $page_parent, $page_title, $menu_title, $page_permission

Line 1458: call_user_func( ‘add_submenu_page’, $this->args[‘page_slug’], $section[‘title’], $section['t

Can you please advice

@: Redux Team, can you please give me your opinion ?


These warnings are okay and are allowed:

Thanks a lot Themewich for your support… Problem is: Reviewer just tell me:

  1. Items like this must be corrected.

So anything integrated with GenNews is part of your theme.

Even, i added this as a release note for many times, but he till reject it :frowning:
For more detail: We used Redux & Unyson framework and it was included as theme part.

Anyone, tell me how i can solve this issue? Please advice

Best Regards

I’m not sure, but I think the reviewer is talking about the add_shortcode function that must be in your theme somewhere. I don’t think add_shortcode is anywhere in the redux code.

The php short tags are incorrect - it’s a regex that’s causing a false error.

add_submenu_page errors are also not an issue.

I hope so, anyway,I’ve remove all other warning and resubmit again, we will inform you about this issue later

it is seem not ok, after solve issue on add_shortcode and short tags but redux required on add_submenu_page, i try to resubmit to reviewer,… now i till get reject for this:

No, not really, so far we haven’t got a single issue where changing the item would not make Redux work.

It’s slow because items are not fixed as required.

Please don’t submit without fixing all requirements.

Can you share me your opinion for this ?


This is bull crap. I’ve got my theme 5 times rejected for the redux issues before getting accepted WITH those notices still there because this is how redux works.

So, you have 2 options:

  1. Tell them to better ask Japh about the redux framework notices. Also, send the reviewer this link:

  2. Bundle Redux in a plugin and voila, no more notices :slight_smile: