Item rejections about third party codes.


I’m developing a new WordPress theme. It was soft rejected 4 or 5 times almost for the same problems. I think the review team don’t provide enough feedback and they aren’t reading my comments and questions.

My theme uses Redux Framework for theme options panel and one of the rejection reasons is about Redux’s codes;

  1. Directory path should be get_template_directory() and not dirname( FILE ). Example(s) from your code and there are more:

I think this is not my problem and I didn’t interfered these issues. Did I get that wrong? Please help.

Thanks in advance!

You should include Redux framework as a plugin with TGM class instead of including it in your theme.

I have been jumping through similar hoops :cry: Looks like all the issues have been resolved though, last soft reject was very minor.

Your best bet is to rather use Redux as a standalone plugin. Once the plugin is installed, all you need to do is include your options-init file in functions, fortunately not a huge change. I use TGM Plugin activation to list the required plugins. I also had review problems with the Redux extensions loader (wbc importer and ad remove). I eventually moved it to a plugin as well. The quality team is pro moving functionality to plugins and keeping the theme for presentation only, which is fair enough.

Be sure the use the WordPress Theme Check plugin to review your theme before submitting it. Should anything come up as a warning or required, regardless if it is third party, I can almost guarantee you the reviewer will soft reject.

All the best!!!

Thank you guys. I’ll use Redux Framework as a plugin as you said. :anguished:

@BornThemes Theme Check warnings are also another problem for me. :blush:


Wish I know about Theme Check before I started the theme :frowning:

I seem to have sorted them all out so shout if you get stuck on any.

I think this is not my problem and I didn’t interfered these issues. Did I get that wrong?

Everything that you put in your theme is your responsibility and no one else’s. It has been mentioned a lot of times here in community forums that you can easily avoid code control by including Redux as a plugin (for now at least).

@TheIgor You’re totally right. I mean, there are lots of themes using Redux Framework etc. in the market. How they can be accepted with these issues?

@BornThemes thank you, I’ll ask you if I can not fix all of them. :slight_smile:

I purchased a popular theme (Released on September), which includes Redux, not as a plugin, but directly within the code.

Well, rules used to be different until couple of months ago, if you are talking about some older theme that might be the reason. As far as I can tell they don’t really review updates of old themes same as newly submitted themes, especially if author is moneymaker for Envato.

Also it seems that not all reviewers have equal knowledge (understandable) or they don’t care enough or whatever it may be, but some reviewers will ask much more stuff to be done while some other reviewer wouldn’t ask that. It depends how lucky you are when your theme is assigned to a reviewer :slight_smile: