Is it wise to include redux framework as a plugin?

Hello all,
I have integrated redux framework in my theme. i changed the text-domains and done a lot cleaning in order to make it compatible with themeforest’s guidelines. there is no theme check warning or erros except a few info messages about redux framework. but the reviewer again asked me following:
"Since Redux is not a plugin and it is used as part of the theme, it
needs to comply with our guidelines, just like the rest of your theme.
If you want to avoid lengthly editing, please remove the integration and add the framework in plugin form instead"
i am wondering that

1# There is no explanation and reference what i have to do. i could not understand what i need to change now.?
2# is it wise to include redux framework as a plugin? i personally think that it would require an extra step from user to install and activate the plugin. hence is bad from user’s perspective and eventually will effect the sales.
3# is there any successfull theme using redux framework as a plugin.?

any help would greatly be appreciated.

As far as I know the Atelier theme from SwiftIdeas uses Redux Framework, probably their other themes use it, too. They provide is as a plugin I guess.
Don’t know how to answer other questions, cuz’ I personally don’t feel great about this framework :slight_smile:

You should use it as a plugin, there is really nothing to discuss about this.

Activate it via as any other bundled plugin.

My suggestion is to use it as plugin and bundle it with the theme as @LSVRthemes said before.

If you search for “Redux” or “Redux Framework” on ThemeForest you will get a big list of themes. Some of them have +1000 sales

yeh. i know that a lot of themes have used redux framework, but i assume that they have used it by integrating it within theme, and it may have some advantages over using it as a plugin… is it correct? to what extent?

the plugin is the recommended method as it’s updatable by the user and not reliant on you (security releases etc). The plugin is on the repo at which makes it super easy to use and manage in a new build using TGM plugin script.

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Redux should be included as a plugin, the fact that some themes may embed it instead doesn’t change anything on that. It is very misleading to think that a bestseller theme = good coding practices.

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You should include redux framework as a plugin.

While Redux is a fantastic plugin it can be overkill. Why not just stick to using the native WP Customizer without any added code for a theme panel which just bloats things up? For meta options, this can be built-into the theme. Not only will your theme be slimmer and less bloated it will all be part of the core theme without the need of any 3rd party scripts.

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