5th time my WP get soft rejections, Need some help to make it approve

Hi everyone,

My first wp theme get 5th time soft rejections and every time comes with new issues now finally i get 2 errors i need help in fixing one error which is

  1. Since Redux is not a plugin and it is used as part of the theme, it needs to comply with our guidelines, just like the rest of your theme.

If you want to avoid lengthly editing, please remove the integration and add the framework in plugin form instead.

I saw many themes in themeforest which integrated redux as framework instead of plugin.

Any help will be appreciated.

This would need some work and I’m not sure if anyone has shared the codes.
If you consider “paid” support, you can contact me and I could fix it for you

i am also developer i can code myself. my point is redux integration as a plugin instead of integration in a theme.

Redux is the framework and you need to include to the theme directly. By which, you may need to use the TF submission requests ( you cannot include the plugin directly, you need to change the codes )

New comment from reviewer is

No comments form.

what it means

As I stated before, I could offer you a paid solution, if you’re interested in. Otherwise, it’s something that you need to figure it out by yourself