Is ReduxFramework still allowed in WordPress theme?



Hi everyone,

Today, a Reviewer replied me this message “Redux items are still not removed.”. Is that mean Redux is no longer allowed in WordPress theme? Could anyone help me explain a little bit about this message?

Thank you


hi, have a lot items on TF was included Redux … include popular item. So i’m not sure if it wont allow… can you share us full reject message… many authors may advice…


Thank you for your reply. It’s a full message for this case. :frowning:


Just make sure you use it as a plugin.


Thank you, so there is no way to integrate it to the theme, right?


Yes, I think so. I used Redux as a plugin on my latest themes and they got approved without any issue.


…my latest item 3 March 16, got approved with Redux as part of wp theme


Seem from now on, they don’t allow to integrate Redux in the theme :frowning: I’m moving it to a plugin


maybe,just wait to see…we have item with redux on que…
Otherwise, how long does it take for the first review on your current item [it is hot topic now] ?!


I got this reviewer feedback 2 weeks ago: “It is recommended to include redux as a plugin.”

I suspect they are pushing for authors to use it as a plugin but if no errors come through they cant really force it. Avada 4 (top selling theme on Themeforest, probably all time) and loads of other themes use redux in the theme so I do see them forcing it to be used as a plugin.


sure, it is better to use redux as a part of wp theme… have you sent a note / request accept for this ?
Other: i just ask you about waiting time for first review on this item [it mean, the time from you did submitted item to the time you got the first feedback / review for this] ?!


My item was soft-rejected before. It takes 3 days for each time I re-submit my item.


how about waiting time from you did original submit until you got the first soft reject [it mean time for new submit, not re-submit, pls]
sorry for my English !


It’s about 10 days. But seem at this moment, the time for the first review is 35 days :(, it’s horrible.