Soft Reject - Redux should be added as plugin

My theme got soft rejected for including ReduxFramework in the theme.

Here is the message from the reviewer

“It is recommended to include redux as a plugin.”

As far as I know, TF always recommended that ReduxFramework should be included in the theme. Has TF changed its stance or this is a personal opinion of the reviewer.

Any one else got soft rejected for including ReduxFramework? Will this be the new standard here on?

Latest reply is not too old, and seems like redux accepted in theme.
This deserves staff reply.

I have been following this forum for months and it is known that Redux needs to be inside plugin due to many functions that are unacceptable for a theme.

You can’t have Redux as a part of your theme’s code, but you can add it as a plugin.

I think this is very confusing. Can TF staff make an official comment on this topic? @KingDog

Sorry, but not the case.

As far as I know @PlayerThemes is the first one to get such reply from reviewer when others are getting messages to fix redux themecheck errors :slight_smile:
At least no one mentioned on forum.

No doubt I have redux in plugin (and good to be) for my upcoming theme, that is other thing. But it needs to be clarified and should be applied to all…equally…not based on reviewer.

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Hi guys

I’m also working on a free theme which I will be launching shortly on WordPress.

Using redux on the same, found these submission guidelines for WordPress theme submission guidelines require Redux be embedded, not installed as a plugin

I’m also curious to know what the reviewer is saying as I have plans to submit a theme on Themeforest too, which will be based on Redux.

@tansh Funny part is, the reviewer also asked me to fix the redux ads issue. When I fixed it successfully, he (or probably the new reviewer ) asked me to move redux to plugin area. Now I am sure about one thing, if I move redux to plugin area, the next reviewer will ask me to embed it in the theme. :laughing:

I have replied it here

The same here. Redux added as plugin with tgm and the
Remove all unrelated Redux dev and non-dev items… And this is ads from redux