Redux integrated or as plugin in a theme?


We are submitting our first theme on ThemeForest. It is a WordPress blog theme.
We got through design problems and now the reviewer is listing several backend errors.

Some of the errors are Redux related, witch is our framework for the Theme Panel.
Until now, we have directly included Redux in the template package. Now we are thinking to include it as a “required” plugin.

What do you sugest to us?

I have several concerns:

  1. Is possible to fix Redux framework, and if it is a good idea, so it get passed through themeforest checker? That we fix our-self all listed Redux problems. Or these will be an never ending story?
    These will be the best for our customers, but I don’t know if these is a a sensible solution.

  2. We are thinking to include the Redux as “required” plugin. Here I have a concern if the buyers of the template, will be smart enough to install it without many problems or they will be confused and they won’t find the Theme Panel. In such case, maybe our support will have more work or in worst case, we can get some bad reviews?

We are in a dilemma now. I will appreciate any suggestion of you experienced authors who use Redux and how do you deal with it?

Thank you,
Adrialp Themes


You should “required” it as a plugin. We’re doing that in our theme, and users have no problem with it :slight_smile:


Thank you. After some considerations, we decided to integrate Redux as “required” plugin.
It will be better to speed the process of approve and also in such way it will be easier and safer to have Redux up to date.

I hope that just our users won’t have problems to find and install the Redux and Theme Panel.

For any other suggestions about Redux and the future of Redux versus Customizer, I will appreciate.

Thank you.