Theme Soft Rejected HELP ME PLEASE !

Hey Guys,

My theme got soft rejected, please help me to get it approved. Here is what reviewer said :

“Nice idea, but usability for this conversion is pretty low. Theme is also very distracting and confusing too.”

Please take a look and please help me !!


Any one please ? :frowning:

I think your idea is interesting as an experiment. But this not helping someone with a business website intention. In my opinion it looks like a flash website 10 years ago. Try to see current trends in web design.

Thanks for your feedback, would love to see any other comment ?

No one else?

is there any one to help me out ? even one line ? :smiley:

I’ve been noticing you for over a month getting feedback from the community, improving this wonderful idea. I’m feeling sorry for you mate. It’s a very unique concept. It’s a shame that you’re not accepted here. Seems like you’ve hit a dead-end :frowning:

:frowning: So do you think i should drop it and move to some thing else ?

My suggestion.

  1. Make a usable version of this template.
  2. Provide this as a second creative demo after you get approved.

What I would Change

  1. Change that split tiled photo that changes on hovering to a meaningful attractive home page.
  2. Usability of navigation is surely confusing. Once I click navigation the menu opens but I dont have any Idea how to close it. Maybe provide an X icon to close it.
    Also after i click one of the menus the navigation disappears and I am left with the arrows to navigate one by one, what if I want to just click on work experience and then want to go to contacts instead of navigating in between areas.
  3. The presence of navigation arrows in work experience is confusing, I wud suggest moving it to bottom of page.
  4. You can work on your typo little bit for better hierarchy and line height etc.
    Surely its worth giving your best. So keep tweaking until it gets accepted.
    All the best

I’m not sure if this will help you but there’s an error that I have on Firefox 41: When I’m on other tab while your theme is loading, I’ll see black page after switching back to your theme preview.

There’s many great pages but in my opinion it’s hard to find what you’re looking for as a consumer.
I have two ideas. The first one is to give user ability to just scroll down and see entire content, and the second one is to let any user scroll down and see all links on your tiles(in the same time dimming page entire page just a bit).

Good luck!

Thank you so much all of you. Can any of you please let me know there thoughts about this one ?