Soft Rejected - Need Help please please please :(

Hey all.

After getting first soft rejection, i made lot of improvements. Today i got another soft rejection because of same reason.

“Nice idea, but usability for this conversion is pretty low. Theme is also very distracting and confusing too.
Please make major improvements in those two areas and feel free to resubmit.”

I am not getting where i am wrong. Please guys help me. Its an request to all of you :frowning:

@wpcohort Please post the preview link.

Sorry, i have updated the post.

I’m no expert yet, but if I navigate the theme as a user, I can find some minor things that I’d like the theme to have or to change. I hope my feedback helps you, so here’s my two cents.

First, I don’t like that when the menu is open, you can’t directly click on any link on the page, you have to click once to close the menu and then you can navigate. What’s the point in keepeng the content visible if you can´t interact with it?

There’s no link to the homepage when you are in one of the internal pages, so, you have to click on the X button to go to the homepage and that’s not intuitive.

I would like the menu items visible at all times, so if this were my resume, the people seeing it can check, at any moment, what info I’m sharing with them and navigate trough it without trying to predict what’s next if they click the arrows buttons.

Maybe you can ditch the scroll bar. I think the scroll bar of the browser should be enough, at least for the internal pages.

The animation, when the squares expand last too long. You can stop it sooner, before overflows the window browser.

Edit: I don’t like the menu items centered, I think that makes the menu unbalanced because of the different amounts of space left and right.

I want to say, I really like this theme and I think all thing I mentioned above, are just little details, but maybe those little details get you closer to get the theme accepted.

Good Luck!

@laloptk You are amazing ! Thank you so much.

Any one else would like to give there idea’s ?

Is it too simple?
There are some died images in Work Experience page

And this page: sometimes does not load the content. It loads the background color, the hamburguer icon, the arrows and the scroll bar, but not the content. Happened twice when clicking the arrow buttons to navigate to it, other times I tried worked well.

Edit: sorry, I figured all internal pages have the same url, but there’s blank content section in between My Story and Seminar Schedule.

Thanks @laloptk

Still looking for some more feedback please ? :frowning:

Typography in the Seminar schedule can be improved, it looks a bit old fashion over there. And overall typography needs a big update. Visual Hierarchy needs to updated, focus on design part and think where do you want the user to navigate and look first. Then menu idea looks cool to me, but I am worried about the usability of the theme @laloptk says.

You guys are amazing ! Thank you so much.

Any one else ?