Need feedback - ready or not ?



Hello all.
I need feedback - after getting soft rejection i have improved my theme.

Can any one please help me - that is it ready for TF or not ?

Thanks all !!


Hi, looks really nice and unique. What was the soft rejection reason out of interest?

One thing I would suggest is for the Download CV button, I would suggest having its hover state of orange be its normal state so it brings attention to it as its current normal state blends into the background a little too much.


It was soft rejected because of
"“Nice idea, but usability for this conversion is pretty low. Theme is also very distracting and confusing too.
Please make major improvements in those two areas and feel free to resubmit.”"

I have now completely changed the home screen.


Any one please ? :frowning:


No one ? :heart_eyes:


Hello friend, I auditioned and I really enjoyed the layout, I believe that if you do differently in the transition of the pages would be pretty cool, a problem that I have seen that when you open a link and back to the home the social network buttons are inactive . This needs to be set. The button to move forward and backward in my opinion I think useless, because they did not know what will be the next page that will be shown me. Hugs


Thank you so much for your feedback ! :blush:


Some more comments please ?