Theme purchase & installation

Hi folks - I’m a web developer, I’ve been asked to update an old WP site for a charity and I reckon buying a theme makes sense. We found a theme that looks ideal ( & we’re ready to go. I’m just looking for some idea of what I get once the purchase is complete. What is the actual deliverable and what do I do with it? Are all WP themes the same (so I should be looking at WP docs) or not? I’d also like to know what preconditions exist e.g. PHP and MySql/Maria version.

I messaged the theme’s creator on and on their own website and on Facebook and got no reply from any of those, which doesn’t fill me with confidence. I’m not sure how much risk is involved. Presumably a popular theme is guaranteed to be installable & usable.

Perhaps There are instructions on that I’m missing?

Any guidance greatly appreciated.


You should try to contact the author via comments section

Each theme can differ in terms of requirements and bundled assets. This particular theme is pretty popular, well rated and kept up to date so it is IMHO a safe purchase as the WP themes go. Of course, you will need to have some basic WP knowledge to work with it (same as with any theme).
Better aim all the question directly at the author.

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That’s useful, thanks for your time. I’ve added my Q to the theme comments section.