Any suggestions before i upload my WordPress Theme to Themeforest for approval?

Hi i have been working on a premium WordPress Blog theme to upload to themeforest marketplace. its done and ready i think to be approved i hope. here is the demo or live preview link:
Ernova Theme Live Preview

Link to my wp blog theme Live Preview:

Any suggestion is much appreciated and if anyone could tell me how likely is it that my theme will get approved in themeforest that will be a big thanks.

also i would like to know whats the best way to bundle for themeforest? what folder structure should i use to include its child theme, documentation, gulpfile and raw assets etc? please tell me that cause its my first time uploading anything to themeforest. Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Also i am planning to sell this theme for 7.99 US Dollars is that a good price for the theme?

It won’t be approved because standard of design approval is quite high here and your template is not there yet.

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any other marketplace where there is a chance of approval for this theme?

i have worked hard on this theme and i would hate to go this to waste you know.

also its a lightweight WordPress theme with page speed optimisation & schema markup, with a lot of focus on color customisation. many people needs lightweight blog themes with little complexity to setup in low prices, infact i just saw a question here on this forum, a person asking exactly a theme like mine to buy. don’t u think this will be enough? have you checked out the demo throughly cause a lot of attentions were given to these little details. anyhow thanks for the remarks

With respect you have no chance with this.

You have a lot of inline CSS - have you read and delivered against the submission requirements? WordPress Theme Coding Requirements – Envato Author Help Center

There’s nothing we can see here that is premium or could not be easily found in free themes

There are attention to detail and design basics issues

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oh. okay well here goes my dream of becoming a wordpress theme developer then. joking yeah i get it. but still i think more than 6 months of work has gone into it. ig no market place will accept this then. i think my only option is to upload this to free wordpress respository. am i right?

also all the inline css is dynamic css

Read carefully the Envato theme requirements and ask help from a good UI designer, do not give up, it took me one hard reject and 16 soft rejects to get my theme approved.

It is one of the most difficult things in the world to get a theme approved on ThemeForest :slight_smile:

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Don’t give up on your dream. Focus on your UI design skill because design is the first thing which reviewer see before they dig deep into the coding and if it’s not up to the mark then even the most elegant code won’t help.

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Just find yourself a designer. Current standards are way too high for a single person to be able to nail both design and code. It is not impossible, but you will need to spend a LOT of time working on your design skills to get it where they need to be. Finding a designer is much easier route.

BTW, there are plenty of free lightweight themes on, that is not really a selling point. You need to create something premium if you want to make any money on it.
You will do it if you really want to, just don’t give up and work hard.

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I think the concept is nice - for me personally I love the colour and simplicity of the scheme. Font looks lovely and clear. One issue is on your page layout inasmuch as when you scroll down the page, the righ hand naviagtion drops on top of the footer area which clearly this shouldn’t happen.

I’m not a wordpress developer, and others have made valuable comments for you.

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Thanks the issue was with resizing of the viewport. now its fixed, Thanks for the comment and liking my theme

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Thank you all for the constructive criticism, i will try to improve my design skills but for now i will give it a try here and if it got rejected i will try other marketplaces then. I would love some suggestions as to which marketplaces are good for my theme beside themeforest. Thank You :slight_smile: . also i thought i really did something new with the colours of this theme, but ig that kinda color customisation is already done in many WordPress themes?

No marketplace is EVER bring the revenue you can earn on ThemeForest. Most of the old big ones are already dead. IMO, it’s Envato or you start your own website.

And changing marketplace wouldn’t change anything about your product. It needs to be better. A lot of Freebies offer better features than yours.