Buying themes and implementation

Hi there,

  1. I want to buy a theme related on booking travel and destination site which is running WP version 4.4.1
  2. The theme must be customizable and editable page and have a payment gateway


  1. Is the theme one time payment? Are files downloadable?
  2. Do you have any complete documentation per themes how to integrate it in wordpress since you dont have good support or contacts in your website or if that exist where can i find?

Hello junquiquino82,

Themeforest is a marketplace where individual authors sell themes.


  1. Yes themes are one time payment for a single site.
  2. The travel theme you are looking at is a HTML template, you’d be better off buying a direct WordPress theme.

Hope this helps.

The first one is not a WordPress theme so won’t work on WP without some serious customization.

  • Once you buy the theme it is a one time payment and free for lifetime of the theme

  • Support comes form the auhtor NOT envato. All themes come with some degree of documentation (detail depends on the author and theme).

There is an assumed level of experience and ability to use the theme when buying but in most cases the author will help if you run into trouble (within reason and obviously not build the site for you).

If you are unfamiliar with adding the theme to WP etc. then you may want to see if the author does freelance work or find a freelancer on especially if you are just transferring a new theme into an existing site as this process is unlikely to be very simple and will require some knowledge to transition all the data

Thank you for the response. When I buy the theme, what should I get like files to download so I can integrate to WP?

You will get:

  • The Theme (what you install on WordPress)
  • The documentation (outline instructions on using the theme)
  • Any other associated files e.g. plugins, etc.

You don;t need anything else to add it to WordPress (except maybe a FTP program e.g. FileZilla which is free and assuming you have your own domain and hosting - you cannot use a website)

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for the clarification, one more thing, can I edit the themes, I mean the product, price and details.

Thanks again.

Absolutely you can change anything you want.