Theme downloaded - what next?

Hi there, I have worked alot on wp websites, but they have all been created for me. I am now venturing into creating my own site from scratch. I have downloaded the themeforest - travel theme. Where do I go to from here? Must I first download wp and then upload this theme or what is the best option?

All advice would be greatly appreciated :blush:

Thank you.

There should be instructions included with the theme. You’ll usually have two downloads, the installable zip file… which is what you upload to your server, and the all files version which should include any instructions or additional files. If you download that version, and unzip it… there should be some installation instructions included.

I’m no expert, but you usually go to the dashboard of your webspace and there should be an option to install/upload Wordpress themes. That’s where you want to upload the installable zip file. Anyway, if you’re having ny trouble, you can always contact the author of the theme who should be able to assist. Just head to the item page of the theme and then go to the support tab.

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As @SpaceStockFootage the author should be able to help you but in the meantime:

  • you will need your own domain and hosting (not a site) with WordPress installed (either via hosting admin of FTP/ download).

  • in he admin here you can upload the theme and activate it

  • remember WP themes do not by default appear like the demo on TF and you will need o set up the nav, front page etc and also install demo content (all covered in documentation) which may be via theme options or a XML file.

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