Looking for Theme development using wordpress

I’m an experienced web/ui designer on themeforest. I’m looking for a Developer to turn my PSD to WP theme. Looking for one time payment or monthly payment.
Please share your portfolio.


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The thing is that creating the WP version is only the start. The theme has to be updated to stay relevant. There will be bugs to fix (there are ALWAYS bugs to fix).
The only realistic scenario for you is to partner up with a WP developer longterm.
Paying someone just to convert it as one-time job would be SUPER expensive if it has to be done right and it would also be a total waste of money if you can’t ensure further development after the release.


thank you for clarifications @LSVRthemes. i’m new single author on envato, but i am wondering if there is still opportinuties to sell wp themes with the fact of companies domination

Majority of authors on Envato are single authors.

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Please contact via portfolio.