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I am looking for Great WP Developer html to wp theme conversion, i have to pay per theme. If anyone interested please send your themeforest profile address.

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Nadir Ali


I’ve developed a whole marketplace in WordPress [link removed by mod according to Community Guidelines] which is similar Themeforest.
Contact with me through the contact page of that website.


your website is not working properly.


It’s still under construction.


please pm



You can contact me… (https://themeforest.net/user/sanmaha )



please add me on

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In the other thread you are asking for a HTML devoloper. What are you plans here? Pay someone to create a HTML template and then pay another one to create a WordPress version of the HTML template you just bought?


I assume you plan to sell that theme on the ThemeForest? If you have a different plan with it, then disregard the following list, but it can still be helpful for some people planing to do such investment.
1.) Creating a competitive WP theme is like several thousands of dollars work (assuming you will provide the design).
2.) Any serious developer will ask at least 50% or more upfront and NOBODY can guarantee the theme will actually be approved on ThemeForest at all.
3.) I assume it will be sold under your account, but who will provide support for it? The theme without support is worthless and it won’t sell. You need to have a solid understanding of WP and especially of that particular theme to provide good support and updates.
4.) With how poorly the new WP themes are selling right now, creating a new WP theme without either having a super unique idea or existing know-how is a bad idea and waste of money.

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Nadir, Contact with me via Contact form (https://themeforest.net/user/shmai)