Theme Installation problem

I buyed Charity Foundation - HTML Template when I installing i will getting style.css is missing

are you trying to install the HTML template into a WordPress? If yes, then that won’t work.

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Thanks for your quick response.

Am feeling a bit lost and confused, as I thought this was a word press
theme (as per the layout and descriptions) or at least comes with the word
press theme format.

Now it appears I have to configure the HTML templates and make it to a word
press theme - this is anything but friendly (as I am not a techie). Is
there a zip folder you can send/ share which makes this theme readily
deployable in word press.

Appreciate any possible support/ solution here.


You need to hire a WordPress Developer for that since you want a WordPress Theme. HTML template wont work on WP.

Tks. But hiring another WP developer was never the purpose. I needed
something ready to go. Any help possible please?


This is the template, right?

That item is not sold on envato as a WP theme so as @anon51813007 says it will require the efforts of a developer to translate it into a WP theme. It is available elsewhere (I am not linking to a competitor marketplace here) but is notably more expensive and I have no idea of the support etc. that comes with it.

If this is the case then you would probably be able to get a refund but It does not seem to suggest anywhere that it is a WP theme? The title, preview image, description etc. All clearly say HTML template.

These are all “Ready to go” Charity WordPress themes available on envato

Tks. Abd on the themeforest site, I selected WordPress and searched for
foundation . I got this. Really appreciate a refund as possible. Many

No one in the forums can action refunds - you need to follow

That file is listed in the HTML category so I do not know how you found it in WP