Theme installation



hello Guys,
Im new to Envato and i’m planning to buy a theme for wordpress, but I have to ask you.
Once ai buy the theme is the installation fairly easy and will the theme look like the one they are offering?

I ask because i bought one from MOJO MARKETPLACE and from the start I had installation issies, I went for support from MOJO and they denied support UNLESS I pay them more,
I ok paying support, but IM NOT OK when they sell you a theme template that doesn’t work and on top they want more money in order for them to install it so it would look as the one they are selling.

Can someone advice? can I buy with confidence on ENVATO?


All files here are reviewed carefully so you should be fine.

By default you get 6 months support when buying files (assuming authors have not opted out). Although this support does not technically cover installation many authors are willing to help out.

Will it look like the demo? Not straight away but again almost all themes come with the demo content which you can install to make it look right. 2 things to consider here:

  1. If your hosting is basic or free then uploading big theme demo content may be a struggle (that’s not the fault of the theme or author)
  2. More often than not authors do not have the license to include the images you see in demos so these are often replaced with placeholders

We’ve bought into the thousands of files here and never once not been able to install a theme. Rule No.1 ALWAYS ask the author PRE purchase any queries that you have.


Hi Charlie,
Thanks so much for your message, first time ever on a forum and first time with envato
As i mention I purchase a theme on MOJO Marketplace once i download it i coulnd’t even install it, after many attemps I got someone to call me and they said that they will help install if I pay and if i wanted the same look as the theme I have to pay even more.

So I 've seen the stars on the ThemeForest themes, so far is like the same as mojo but i been reading reviews and they have much more better inputs and reviews.
I understand that support could be need it at some point and i get that i would have to pay, Im ok with that.
But I want to know is that if I download any of these will it be the same? I dont need the exact look, I just need that some what will have that professional look im trying to get, I will use my own pics, my onw tex etc, but is this possible?
this is the theme I want
Do you think is safe to buy it? what do you recommend me to do and again thanks so much for your time and help.


That’s quite a new file so not a lot to go on.

It does mention “One-Click Demo Import” and “Sample content included” so it should have the demo content and be easy to install.

Based on comments there may be some teething issues (excuse the pun) but it does not appear to be big problems


Ive done some WP websites but not so sophisticated, Im looking for a Dental theme.
I’m not 100% expert on WP, but when it says DEMO, does this mean is like a tutorail of installation? and Sample Content means I will edit my text on top of this so nothing changes?
I apologize for all these questions but I’m learning as we speak, is there a place I can learn about these type of installations or how to work on them?


Demo content means it can be made to look like the demo that you see on Themeforest. (by default when you install a WP theme they don’t look the same until populated with content).

It also says though: NOTE: None of the images used in the demo are included with this theme. Links to each of them can be provided if needed. so it will NOT include the images that you see in the demo