Some information

I would like to apologize if any one is hurt from the following & will really appreciate if you correct me in learning : -

I would like to get all the authors community to comment what do they think.

1- In the early years the support was not mandatory but it was forcefully become mandatory for (6 month) in the recent years and the buyer has the opportunity to buy an extended support for just few $ i.e. $16 to $20 depending on the theme price.

i) We always provided support even when the support was not mandatory.

ii) We have provided the installation videos on on how to particularly install our theme. However the buyer never see the full document nor see the video. Simply they email us and say your theme is not working and we are unable to install your theme and we would like to have the refund.

a) Then we ask them to see the documentation and the supported video. What they usually say they didn’t understand and can’t do that they don’t understand anything in fact they don’t know WordPress and don’t how to install the theme.

b) Some times they don’t upload the theme and upload the whole package instead of the theme only which is required by the WordPress CMS. On top of that is very clearly mentioned in the documentation and supported video that not to upload the whole package but only upload the theme file.

c) Then there is no choice but we have to install the theme for them which is not the part of support according to policy. Or Usually freelancer charge $50 on Express installation on envato studio or other freelancing websites.

However we do it for free.

Point# 1

a) There must be an option for the buyer to purchase the theme with Express installation as demo, which should be charged buy the author off course Envato will also charge there commission. How many author agree with this point.

This option should include the following information as default.

Now the problem is when we as cutesy try to help the buyer by installing theme on his server and we asked them to provide the WP-admin and cpanel credential they say why should we give you that then we have to do further communication with them exchanging emails on emails which is also a big work to be done for free. Finally if they provide the credential then we have to install the the theme without any charge.

We have also included the installation video in the documentation as well.

Sometimes they have not allowed the max_upload files (php.ini) then we required there cpanel or FTP and then they start argue and ask for refund to use the theme for free.

If they finally provide that then again we have to spend the time on doing that for free.

On the other had envato does not allows us to advertise the express installation service on the item description and the author and envato both loss money and the buyer sometimes go to envato studio which is beneficial for envato but not for the theme author.

Sometime it is a loss for both Envato and author as the buyer goes to freelancing website to get the installation done,

It should be given a serious though by envato.

Point# 2

Some people even don’t know and the WordPress CMS is not even installed. This should also be the part of further purchase.

Second segment

When installation is done they don’t know who to import the demo data which is another big deal for the author inspit of giving installation video.

However this should be the part of express installation.

Third segment

When the buyer starts customizing the theme, they are usually not the developer and some times claim that since they are not the developers. The theme should be custimize already after purchase according to their needs which is not possible since the theme which are being sold on the are for general buyer and not for any specific buyer. Correct me if I am wrong.

Then the buyer starts asking customizing question to their needs. Which I think is not support but customization as it required a lot of time.

This should also be included in the Shape of package or hourly work by requirements should be agreed by the author and the buyer depending on the authors availability which should be included by envato during the purchase so that all parties including the author, buyer and Envato should get the benefit.

This way both author will start earning and will have no problem in giving support, the Envato will be earning more and the buyers will have no problem in purchasing the theme and getting benefit of the purchased theme.

Please to all my co-worker (Envato community) comments on this what do you think.