Free theme installation with purchase !!!!

Hello Everyone !
Some authors are advertising free theme installation with item purchase.
As far as I know its not legal to offer free installation service in themeforest.
Whats your opinion is it legal or illegal ?
If illegal whats the way of complaining this ?
Thanks for your time
Cheers !!!

They cannot offer free installation service. You should contact the Envato support and report them

I’ve seen some of the big boys on here do this, is it definatly not allowed ?

Against of the rules. Contact the support for violation of the terms

ok thanks.

I’ve seen them as well, need to report. You can find them in the top selling products of the week.
Some are also advertising 1 license unlimited websites, which is not fair as well and against terms of service (as far as I know).

You can’t offer free installation of your own template? If someone buy my theme and he ask in support to install our theme that he bought, i can’t offer this service for free ?

Thank you

It’s more about not being allowed to advertise or promote things like free installation which could potentially give someone an unfair advantage over another author who does not have the resources to offer extras.