Theme not updating in downloads


Last month my theme got accepted in the themeforest and since then i have updated the theme 3 times but when the customers download the theme they get the older version not the latest version. What might be the problem ?

1- You may upload the old files by mistaken.
2 -There maybe a temporary issue. Better to change the file name as sitev10, sitev11 as the name of the ZIP files. This is a common issue on the uploading process and most of the author is getting same rejection message because of an issue which I still don’t understand

Same here. Customers are getting old version of the theme sometimes. I have uploaded each version with different name.

I have send message to envato support about this, but I didn’t hear back.

Anyone know how to deal with that issue ?


I had the same issue with my one of HTML template. I was keep getting the same rejection message " Previous message stands" I just deleted the “soft” item and uploaded as new. They approved the item

I have found the issue. I have uploaded only main package. The theme’s zip file need to be uploaded too.

I have the same issue .they are downloading theme version that was soft rejected.
and are downloading file that i’ve removed through the review process (reviewer asked to remove them).