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I wanted to know if anyone else has run into such a problem. Since our first upload of our theme to be approved, our changes have not come through. The reviewers and us have realized that our new updated theme is not coming through on their side. The files they download are consistently our old theme without the new changes. We did a quick experiment and even changed the file name slightly, but for them they downloaded still the old file to review. We opened a ticket weeks ago, and have not had an update on advice or a solved problem. Has this ever happened to anyone - should we try uploading through a different browser? Any thoughts or advice would help greatly while we wait for Envato Support to hopefully get back to us.


The reviewers need to check the item and approved manually for the updates. Once it’s approved, you will get a notification message to your email address

Hey Ki-Themes,
Thanks for your response however that wasn’t what we were referring too. We are trying to get a theme approved and making the requested changes, but anytime we upload our new file with the changes (we even changed the folder name) the reviewer is still only receiving the old file - so they think we aren’t making the changes. There is a glitch in the upload process. Should we try using another browser?

Is it WordPress?

No - HTML Theme. It’s weird - whatever file we upload is not the file they download. We changed the name of the folder and the reviewer showed us his local URL line and the name was that of the old one “…version 1” for example. We reached out a created a ticket 3 weeks ago but Envato has not responded yet - trying to figure this out ourselves if possible.

We are going to try and download it, and upload it from another computer.

Had the same issue before. Also change the file ZIP name. For example, upload it as and make sure the file inside has the same name e.g. sitev10/

We followed your advice, thank you for reaching out! We’ll let you know what happens.

Hello Ki-Themes,
Your advice was perfect and worked! We are now approved for our first theme!

Thanks so much!

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You’re welcome