The reviewers didn't clear the cache

Hi there, does anyone here recently upload an item to ThemeForest, you got soft-rejected. You fixed bugs then reupload the item. But the reviewer didn’t clear the cache then sent you an old screenshot from the previous bug you’d fixed before?

You have been asked many times to address this issue. However, you have kept resubmitting without doing so. This will be your last chance! Resubmitting this item again without considerable typography improvements will result in a hard rejection!

Sure, I fixed it before and made changes but they kept sending me screenshots from my demo site previously (with no cache cleared).

This happens to me and I have absolutely no idea what to do now.


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It’s quite common issue. You should state that on the comments clearing cache is needed or if it’s template ( not theme ) you can rename the folder before upload

Thanks ki-themes, telling them to clear the cache was the thing I did but they ended up with the comment quoted above.

No idea!

It was a theme btw.

You can disable server and website cache if you are using some sort of plugin, in most cases server cache is enabled by default.

Thank You

Hi GomalThemes,

Thanks but browser cache is not something you can clear from your server right? They had CSS cached. Oh I may use some cache plugin to rewrite CSS file URL but must I do that every single time?

I’d just change the stylesheet name so when they load it you’ll be sure they get the “new one”

in WordPress, stylesheet url should always be enqueue as themename/style.css. Enqueue it in different way will cause another issue “please euqueue it correctly” i suppose.

Update the style.css version and tell/ask them to check if the version matches. ( or ask them to refresh the page pressing ctrl + f5 )

I know what you’re having through, had the same issue but my luck, there were another reviewer who checked the theme and approved.

But if I have no luck theme will be hard-rejected. I’m contacting Envato support to make sure things go right.

As I said I asked them to clear the cache in the previous comment (sure a reviewer must know how to clear cache) and If they did they didn’t ended up with such screenshots where issues not fixed.

Old but gold solution: You can add ".rand() to the end or style url so the browser will approach it as a new file.

Not sure if Envato permits this.

I ended -up recording a video and added to the comments. You can also try that

Making a video to tell reviewers that that I changed things and you should clear your cache to see changes? Oh my gosh, why it escalated quickly to this point? The game now becomes so tough hahaha.

Thank you anyway.

Thanks for your tip. I guess there’re many ways to create a new stylesheet but It’s WordPress so we should keep things in standard as much as possible. I did use a cache plugin so the stylesheet is now updated from style.css to path_to_cache.css

It won’t change anything if they are checking the theme locally ( they are checking the theme locally )