Theme Hard-Rejected after many sort reject by mistake?


I need an offical answer. My item was reviewed as sort reject and have many sort-reject reviews. Now I got an email with few reject issues (code).

But the problem is they (reviewers) give hard reject on my item. Maybe it caused by mistake?


Can you share the demo url ?

Was it the same reviewer or a new one?

@BeSquares It was not rejected by design so I think the url is not necessary here.

@charlie4282 It’s not a new one. My item was passed first review and being sort-rejected after around 20 days. Then it being sort-reject review 3-4 rounds, each rounds waiting 3-4 days and today it being removed from hidden tab. They even sent me some sort reject issues to let me fix.

Hey I asked support and they bring the item back to sort-rejected! Thank Envato Staffs and Reviewers! YAY! :laughing:

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I have an item is currently queued for review that’s why I asked for url to understand why would something like this might happen but it’s good to hear that the support was helpful.

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