Theme sort-rejected total time increase to more than a month?


Hi guys,

I feel like the review time for sort-rejected have been increased to more than a month. My sort-rejected are now 1.5 month and 2.5 months even when I tried so hard to fix all the issues and it’s not finish yet.

I have some close friends said the same, their items have been review sort-rejected more than a month or even 3-4 months.

I think it’s not caused by theme itself. It caused because it’s reviewer strategy to slow down the approval theme numbers.

It’s fair if the submiited items numbers are too big and they need to keep the number approval theme per day smaller. If it happens exactly right now, this case is look like a year ago when the first review time up to 70-80 days.

But we need an offical answers from Envato since it will increase total theme review from first review (around 20 days) to approval time is around 3 month/item. Because we need to know exactly the situation and we need to plan something , not for waiting 3 months just for a single item which can’t feed enough our family and company.

Do you guy feel the same?


What’s the question?


What’s the question?

Do reviewers try to slow down the approval times each item?

Because normal sort-rejected times was only 1-2 weeks before. Right now is 1-2 months and more. I got a same single reason for sort-rejected 3-4 times which I already fixed in the first time. And there are more case that they could do it better, they just want to slow it down.


I’d be very surprised if they do, and can’t really see any benefit to Envato for doing so. And there’s not really enough evidence to even consider it… as you’re just one out of thousands Themeforest authors. Has everyone else gone from 1 to 2 weeks, to 1 to 2 months? Are all of the unnecessary soft rejects as a result of duplicate issues which have already been fixed? They may be for you, but are they for everyone else?

Even if they are… what’s the point? If they want to slow down the queue by that much then the queue for the first review would be considerably higher than 17 days. But why would they want to slow down the amount of new items approved every day? Surely the amount they are approving, or were approving, every day is more than enough?

Maybe things are getting slower, but I’m not connecting the dots with regards to it being a cunning strategy to create a bottleneck when it comes to approving new, high quality items.


You did not get my point. And you maybe not familar with envato system.

The themeforest will limit the maximum item approval per days. Because if too much items approve, then new items will get very low sale. I believe if themeforest don’t control it, it will approval 100-200 items per days for sure!

They are trying to keep number of approval per day smaller, which make author more profit, if your item approval and it get into page 2-3 , it will get low sale.

I have worked for 5 years. My usually review time is around 1-2 weeks. I never had a review times more than one month. Now all my items passed 1.5-2 months and it does not finish yet.

I also asked my friends who are elites also , have more than 2 years of experiences and they are the same.


TLDR Version: Why would Envato care if a new item is sold rather than an old item?

Ok, I can understand why authors would want to be on the front page for longer. And I can appreciate that being on the front page for longer will probably result in more sales for that item. But if a buyer doesn’t buy your item from the front page (because it’s no longer on the front page), surely they’ll just buy some other author’s item which is on the front page?

Either way, having more or less items approved on a daily basis is unlikely to make even the slightest of differences when it comes to overall sales figures. So why would Envato want to do something like that if there was no benefit to them? If it was an easy fix that benefited all authors, then maybe they would do it… but any change that increases somebody else’s sales is likely to reduce your sales. And any change that increases your sales, is likely to reduce somebody else’s sales. Or… as this change applies to everyone, maybe it would just keep everyone’s sales the same (as long as you’re uploading new stuff). Somebody will lose, somebody will win, but Envato will keep making pretty much the same.

If everyone gets 10 sales a day on average… reducing the amount of items approved per day isn’t going result in an average of 12 sales a day, or 15 sales. It’ll still be 10, it might just be spread out slightly differently.

Bottom line, I really don’t think it would make that much difference to anything, and as there’s no real benefit to Envato, why would they implement it?


It happens - Just got 3 soft-rejected for the same issue I have fixed as well ( means 2-3 days for review, in total almost 13-14 days )


Hi @wpstarship. I’ve just spoken to our Author Ops team about this - they look after the Quality specialists and reviewers for each marketplace.

I can confirm that the reviewers definitely do not adjust the number of item approvals to slow down the rate of items appearing on the “new item” page. Each reviewer spends their time working through item reviews, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Current review times on ThemeForest are higher than we’d like, but they are coming down, and the review teams are working to full capacity - there is no artificial control applied to the rate that new items are published.


Hi @BenLeong . Thanks for confirm that. It make me a lot of sense. So maybe they just working on tired so they just make mistakes sometimes.

I’m a 6 years author who stay here so long and I know that reviewer team are handling a massive of new items. So I will waitting for review of my items (another account)

Another question, I feel like the number of approval item per day was so small than usually. Are reviewer team waiting for something or busy on other work?