Hard rejected item - I'm confused

Hello! I’m asking for help from Envato community.
It’s all about this item:

I’ve submited this item for review and in 7 minutes it was hard rejected.
This is my first hard reject and I’m totally confused. It was so fast! And why? Please help me to understand what is wrong with this item.

That’s weird, it looks pretty good to me. If you are 100% sure this template is legit (it is your own original design and it is not just a simple reskin of your existing item) then try to re-submit it again. Maybe it was just some kind of mistake, or maybe there is too much of coming soon templates (maybe check out the category if they are still approving them)?

One criticism though: the custom scrolling (for example on Works page) is painfully slow. I personally think that the custom scrolling script is a bad practice in general (but that’s not a reason for hard rejection of course).


Thanks a lot for your reply!

Looks very solid to me as well. Why don’t you try contacting Envato before submitting your item again (avoiding getting banned/penalized).

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This is on the market today, what have you done?

how to contacting envato ?

Thank you for the reply!