My item has been hard rejected. I don't know why

Hi Guys,

Today I have received an email that the item has been hard rejected. I can’t understand why.

“unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

This is mail content.
Code is well structured and I used latest techniques for my item such as LESS/SCSS.

Anyone can help me?

Thank You.

Demo Link:

Hard reject is about Design.
You should improve your template design, need better typography and unique design details

Thanks for your reply.
I purchased design from envato market.

Really? That design looks outdate

This design is created at 23 May 2017 and is selling on envato market now.
I purchased full rights from design author.

did you and your designer share tickets no. before submitting ?

designer created ticket and sent me screenshot about that.

What was the original called? Don’t see one under this name on the marketplace.

For what it’s worth using an approved PSD does not guarantee approval in any way.

I can only see it on a phone but you have several issues with fundamentals like typography, spacing, nav functionality etc. there that would need addressing.

Thanks for your reply.

This is PSD link.

I think although my item has several issues like typography, spacing etc, it will be soft rejection. But I got hard rejection.
Also I can’t contact review team as well.
Do you know how can contact review team?