theme forest suspend my 10 years old account for filing dispute against not responding seller


This is so unfortunate and heart breaking to see that theme forest has suspended my account because I filed a dispute for a theme that doesn’t work.

This seller is very rude and not responding to any support comments for almost a year. I bought a Wordpress theme that is not being updated and has bugs that make is un usable. I posted many support request on their forum and they did not respond for 1 month. Now I had no choice but to ask for a refund. But theme forest unfortunately supports this rude seller and suspended my account. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of products from themeforest and not a serial refunder. I am so heart broken how can theme forest do this with an old Time buyer. Why this bug full theme is still on their marketplace?

Here is the theme in question, it is worst theme on marketplace don’t recommend.

Unfortunately this is part of envato’s anti fraud protection.

The process is almost certainly automatic and can’t look at individual circumstances or account history before it happens.

If you reach out to support they will be the best people to help you Envato Market Help and Support


To rephrase what Charlie said a bit. If you ever have issues with a theme that doens’t work, file the dispute with Envato, not the payment provider. Envato always steps in for buyers for legitimate reasons and disables products that don’t work while also providing refunds.

However, when you go over Envato directly to the payment company that’s dodgy behaviour which may indicate you’re trying to get a free product or trying to jump over the refund terms.

Open a ticket here -> Envato Authors Help and Support -> cancel your dispute, explain the situation to Envato, they’ll handle your case and refund you if the item is as you say and take care of the broken product as well so others won’t have the same issue.

I’m sure your account will be reinstated, just get in touch with them and clarify.