Seller won't refund even the theme is corrupted

Hello, can someone help me in getting a refund for a theme we’ve purchased and has the files corrupted? I already tried with the seller but he is literraly ignoring my requests and I cannot see on themeforest platform what else can I do?

Thank you in advance.


You can request a refund here
Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules


The theme has been checked before by the reviewers so assuming it’s not corrupted at all but there may be some additional issues with it. You could request an update from the author first

Hello, the theme is corrupted as the seller is trying to install it outside themeforest (even though this service normally is for extra cost).

Ok so just to make sure I understand correctly:

  • I purchase a theme from themeforest
  • the them files are corrupted (the normal installation end ups with errors)
  • the seller admits the files are corrupted
  • everybody refuse to send a refund of any kind
  • I cannot do anything about it

I am sorry, are we living in the same universe?

What error are you getting?

What item is it?

Original post says the author is ignoring you but above says they have admitted it is corrupted?

If the author has confirmed an error in the item and is unable to help then share a screenshot of the conversation using the link from @mgscoder above and I would be greatly surprised if envato would not refund it

Hello, thank you for trying to help.

  1. We are a web development company and we know how to install a theme. We purchased tens of themes from themeforest so far and we never had any issue with any of them.

  2. The archive that exists at this moment on themeforest with this theme is corrupted. I encourage you to check it personally, download it and try to install it, it doesn’t work and ends up with errors.
    I put a screenshot with the error at
    The theme is [removed by mod]

  3. The theme only works with Magento 2.2.7 and wasn’t updated since a year+ ago. We now have Magento 2.4 and it is not compatible with it.

Giving all the points above I don’t think I need any more reasons to ask for a refund.

The seller is trying to install the theme for us. We changed several emails so far, the actual person I am talking to barely knows english andhHe is asking for cPanel data, ftp accounts, ssh account, etc - how exactly am I suppose to give this sensitive info to some dude on the internet? This is one of my client’s accounts and I am not willing to share his info, simple as this.

PLUS all the time spent on this topic is making me loose my client. I cannot afford to spend 2 weeks to install a theme, especially that the THEME FILES ARE CORRUPTED!

At this point I am simply looking for any of the options:
a) the seller to send me CORRECT archive with the theme
b) themeforest refund the money in credits or something similar so we can purchase another theme
c) themeforest refund the $ so we can purchase another theme

I think we are being more than reasonable, we only want to move on with the project.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

The item has been marked with few versions of Magento 2 that you could use. At this point, you need to downgrade the M2 version to use the theme. If the author accepted already the files are corrupted, you can send the screenshots to the Envato support. That could help with the process but if you jsut raise a ticket that item is not working with Magento 2.4, you won’t get refund as it’s marked with the compatible versions already.

it seems the author is asking additional payment to update the theme for the latest version of the Magento 2 with extra cost.

You could ask yourself, if they could upgrade the theme for a extra cost, why they are not upgrading the theme on the system? This is not an ethical approach about the theme update. If they’re not offering any update, I would’ve understood but you should contact the Envato support by pointing that comment, you may be able to get the refund.

We will be giving up on this.

This is so unethical from the seller and incredible unprofessional from themeforest, I cannot belive it. The reason a platform like themeforest exists it’s exactly to handle situations like this, otherwise everyone would buy the theme directly from the seller. However all that themeforest is doing is to forward messages from us to the buyer and vice-versa, without any intervention. This is just disgusting.

The seller it’s a lost cause, in the last message they sent they were accusing us to violate their terms and conditions, imagine how pathetic that is. However themeforest is just a big disappointment for allowing this kind of things happening on their platform.

We’ve been buying tens of themes from themeforest along the years but we will not be using it again, that’s for sure. We will also make sure to tell this story to people and companies we will be working with, everyone should be aware about the so called ‘refund policy’ on themeforest which basically doesn’t exists.

I’ve googled a little about themeforest refund policy and apparently there are many people having similar issues, I am just surprised that platforms like this can get away with this in this era of the internet. I suppose bad reviews will add up over time and eventually this will matter.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for trying to help. People from this forum were literraly the only ones that seemed to care.

Best of luck!

No need to give up on this. Simply report the situation to Envato Market Help and Support, they can investigate the matter further and take action accordingly.

@dumitruanca - It would be a shame if you leave the platform after buying so many themes, only to be dissapointed by one theme, and use that as a reason for going off on one :wink:

Forgive me, but if a theme is marked for certain versions (and 2.4 is NOT one of those versions) then I’m confused as to how you think you have the right to complain and moan about it, and expect a refund because the theme does not work on a version of Magneto not specified by the author.
It just seems that you have allowed this one unfortunate experience to then give you a reason to challenge a refund policy which I’m sure the majority of those complaining, have probably bought the wrong theme, the wrong script, HTML when they meant to buy Wordpress etc etc etc.

Don’t go my friend - just put it down to one theme not working - I have a stack of scripts that don’t always match my expectations, but hey ho that it is the way it can go.

@ki-themes - yes I agree it seems poor for the author to charge for making the theme work with version 2.4, when they could simply upgrade the package they are selling on themeforest.