Refund problems


We have a problem. We have made a big mistake and bought PrestaShop theme from [Removed]
The theme is faulty, badly coded, not supported. We have tried to use [Removed] support, but for example we have waited 20 days for an answer that didn’t solve any of our issues. We had to fix all of the errors ourself. We have wasted a lot of time and money beacuse of [Removed] incompetence.
05/08/2017 we have wrote that we want a PARTIAL refund based on
They are selling 6 month support for that theme for 48,13 USD. So, based on price list we wanted 48,13 USD transfered back to our bank account.

Since today we didn’t recieved a refund. What can we do ? Will ThemeForest help us to get a refund from a decieving salesman ?

Requested a refund?

See the link from @ki-themes although usually they would usually refund the entire item and remove access to future updates etc rather than just the support part.

Please refrain from calling out authors or items in the forums in the meantime


At first we wrote about refund to the seller through there support system. That was almost a month ago. A week ago we have started a refund process, just like @ki-themes sugested.
And now we are waiting.

Did the refund you anything? I am in the middle of the same process right now.

No I didn’t get a refund. As it turns out ENVATO doesn’t do partial refunds. hehe. BUT according to ThemeForest refund policy there is a possibiility to refund only support from the purchased item. ->
It states that If an author advertisers their item as including item support and you are not provide that support in accordance with the item support policy you will be entitled to a refund of your purchased support.

So to everyone who wants to make a purchase on themeforest -> For the future after ANY purchase you should check is theme developer support working. And if it will be ok we can implement the theme, if not ask for a refund. Wait a couple of weeks and maybe get our money back.

On the other hand every theme developer can offer bundled support that he doesn’t provide. I think that 1 customer in 10 will return the theme. The rest will fix the issues, waste their time and money. Why? because if you take your time to buy, install, configure, fill the theme with data, write support tickets, search for solutions, you don’t want to return everything and start over with new theme.

To sum up. Envato refund policy is very disappointing. And we are stuck with theme without support.