When you sell a bad Theme you suspend the Customer's account Instead of fixing the Theme!

Unfortunately envato has become a platform for scammers, they sell defective themes and instead of fixing them they suspend the customer’s account.
A group of criminals who are only interested in emptying your card, they don’t accept criticism, they only want good comments.
Protects corrupt creators who sell thash with false advertising.

how can we fight to shut down this rat’s nest?

Unless the item has been refunded the author cannot close your account or access.

You have to raise it with support.

Envato Market Help and Support

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thanks for the reply,
First I was asking to fix the theme issues, after months of no answer I made bad reviews and comments, then I got a mail from support telling me I got suspended due to bad comments and reviews,… SO envato became a Cheap but dangerous Gang which can sell trash under false adverting and they will protect the creators and give a sh…**@t to the customers., just Internet THIEVES lot of them on Internet …

You got an email from ‘support’ - as in the author or envato support?

Without context and the ability to investigate this is not a suitable conversation for the forums. Only support will be able to help look at what happened or try to rectify it.

I don’t know what was the context of your comments and reviews but negative comments and reviews are allowed where context language is more important. You can’t use abusive, obscene, threatening, discriminatory, hateful, offensive, or otherwise infringe Envato’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Now to get your envato account back best option will be reply that email and request them to enable your account. I hope envato support team will assist you.

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Given 4 years of membership and level 2 collector - presumably it was the author’s support who suspended you OR it was envato but that suspension has since been lifted?

Again without context and detail it is impossible to judge but it’s the same elsewhere and not exclusive to envato, where there will be a limit to behaviour. Regardless, as @mgscoder also said, in the interests of being able to achieve some kind of outcome and to remain within the community guidelines, you need to talk to support.

but how could a creator be able to close an account – this is worse–, who ever can just close an account… Envato sells trash, the author give a sh-… t to the customers… this is a new way of Internet Scamming…, when I ask to fix the theme Envato say they don´t take any responsibility, when I make bad comments to the theme, then envato allow the author the tools to close the customer’s account… WAOOO…

context very easy to understand, envato is selling trash and protecting the creators and giving sh…i…t to customers…, is a theme is a sh…i…t, is a sh—i–t… envato should take care of what they sell, not just take care about the words used by a customer… after two years asking for help, they didn´t care about support or help, but when I said, the theme is trash, and useless sh…i…t, they are ready to close my account… ugly and cheap Thieves… why don´t get a job instead of be scamming in this way.

do you now how to contact Envato, they disabled my account so now, I have nothing, everything is deleted… I need them to make me refund of everything I bought from Envato…