theme fee and transfer

Hi everybody, I am just new here so first post. Looking to purchase my first theme and I would like to know If it is for life or an annual fee? I notice comes with 6 months support and extra fee for support for another 12, total of18 months support, yes. And then afterwards? And second to purchase I download theme file and i then upload to my host. I have two domains on two hosts. Can I transfer theme and use same twice or would I have to purchase theme twice, please help?

kind regards

  • It is lifetime of the file so no more fees afterwards

  • You get ‘updates’ etc. free for the lifetime of the file. The 6 months gives you envato guaranteed support (assuming the author does support the file).

  • The extension adds 6 more months. This will be renewable again going forward should you want to but they have not implemented this as previously the author could choose to just not support files etc. and envato could not control it like they can now.

  • Each requires its own unique license/copy of the theme

Hope that helps