I need some advance about downloading theme.

I have just bought one e-commerce theme from ThemeForest.
but this is my first time on Envato so I need some help from you if you can guide me:

  1. can I download my purchased theme/ theme updates lifetime?

when I go to the download page it is saying that- “You should download your purchases immediately as items may be removed from time to time.”

can anybody help me with this please?

thank you.

Hi, Yes. You can download theme updates lifetime.

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Yes, you will get lifetime access and updates. But how much is “lifetime”?. Behind each item/theme are humans and if some author decide not to sell/update his items any more - he can remove that item from the market.

Nothing will stay forever.

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ok, so basically Envato gives lifetime access to download the update. then after it depends on the author’s mind if they want to keep their item on Envato or not.

Thanks! fully understood.

Yep, Envato is “just a marketplace” and the authors are the owner of their items and they can do what they want with them - will they (and how much long) sell them and/or provide the updates.

And I must to add, it is not just about their “mind” - we are just humans and who knows what life can bring us (especially in this current times).

But let’s stay positive and do some great job :slight_smile:

Thank you for your guidance Cocobasic,

You are right. I agree. :blush:

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You can download your purchase item anytime.