The purchased theme is for life or per year?

I am new to envato.
I’d like to know when I buy a 60 or 75 theme after 6 months of support. Do I have to pay for the license of the theme every year?
How often do I have to pay for the theme?
A theme like BeTheme, how many websites can I use it with?
thank you so much

It is one time payment. You can extend the support after 6months, but that is optional, you will have access to the theme updates even with expired support.

Hi @Aldebaron,

no, theme license is a one time payment for the entire life of the item. but if you need theme support from the theme author after first initial 6 months then you have to extend the support period which is payable.

You have to pay only one time for the theme license.

each license will work for a single end product. So, for each individual website you have to purchase individual license.